Monday, June 29, 2009


Ah, the human condition. We seem to be hardwired to engage in drama. I'm truly amazed at what people get bent on the least of things.

Sybil's drama has been chronicled here. In fairness to her, our personal drama has decreased. I guess I finally caved in. The path of least resistance is to finally say, "Yup, you're right. I screwed up." All of the while thinking, "Of all of the things in my life to stress out about, we have to stress out about this." The other night, she managed to bring up stuff from when we were dating over 16 years ago to prove her point. By doing so, she made the discussion more about how much can she pummel Aphron over the head with past deeds and less about the issue at hand. I didn't even remember this deed, but she had. So, another strike against me.

Sadly, I'm beginning to think that Sybil is more the norm. I see drama everywhere. I read it on blogs, I see it at church, I see it in my office, etc. I used to take the misogynistic position that only women engage in drama. I've since learned that men do to...we call it sports (especially youth sports...especially youth baseball). I digress. The human condition is take situations that reveal a failing in someone and find ways to make sure they become personal.

Where does that lead us as a species? Not very good. Probably, the cold war was nothing but a bunch of people sitting around getting bent about some perceived slight. At the tender age of 40, I am just too naive. I really thought that life was stressful enough without having to go around and invent more stress.

On a personal note, Sybil and Daughter are out of town for a few days. That leaves me with the boys. I don't have to watch any Miley.


Friday, June 05, 2009

That Crazy, Zany Sybil

Although my frequency of posting has gone down considerably, do not think for an instant there is less drama, gently reader. Oh no. Much of the reason for my dirth in posting has to do with being very busy (I run my own business, have 3 active kids, and, oh by the way, am married). I do want to post this, which happened about 2 days ago.

Sybil awoke and informed me that she was hurt and angry with me. Now, I had not even had time to do anything to her, since I was about to leave for the office, and she had just popped her eyes open. What, pray tell, was the matter? It seems that I was divorcing her for another woman. That was news to me. I have written here before about divorce and my feelings about it (I'm too lazy to link to it). Also, not only was I going to divorce Sybil, but also for my brother's wife's sister. It seems that Sybil has had a miniseries of dreams for the past few days in which I was leaving her and the family for a woman that met once several years ago at my brother's wedding.

I know dreams can be powerful things. However, I was not prepared for how much Sybil was bothered by this. There is no logical reason for this to occur, yet for the next 3 days she was throwing comments around about the "incident." Enough so that I was left with the feeling that she truly believed that her dreams were a harbinger of things to come.

I do wonder, if that goes to her insecurity? If Sybil is insecure, then why hasn't she modified her behavior towards me?

Sybil, is that you?