Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Snapshot in Time

I love the ability to stay connected with Sybil.  For us to be able to
communicate with each other at the drop of a hat.
Today's communication in action is seen below. This is pasted from our
Blackberry Messenger chat.

Aphron: Whatcha want?
Sybil: Moo shee? Wat u want?
Aphron: Sho. 
Aphron: Bout (daughter)?
Sybil: Watz tat?
Aphron: Wut duz (daughter) want?
Aphron: Um, hello. Anyone there?
Sybil: If u want, order 2 go 
Aphron: K. 
{At this point Sybil calls me to let me know
I didn't read the message about what daughter wants}
Sybil: Y did u hang up on me?>:O 
Aphron: Ordering. 
Sybil: I sed 2 order pork fried rice 2!
Aphron: Oops. I guess I was rude. 
Aphron: Sorry. 
Sybil: R u getting mesgs!
Aphron: Now. 
Aphron: What does she want. 
Sybil: Huh?
Aphron: Nuttin. Ordering: gen chick, dump, phat nood
with chick,mu shu pork, 2 chick soup, pork fried rice.
Sybil: R u getting any mesgs?
Aphron: I got this one
Sybil: Wat r u doing wrong?
Sybil: >:O >:O >:O 
Aphron: Dunno. Y r u so angry?  
Aphron: :( :( :( 
Sybil: Don't lik 2 b ignored! DUH!>:O >:O >:O 
Sybil: & CUT OFF!!!>:O >:O >:O 
Aphron: I'm not ignoring. I didn't get a message. :( :( :( 
Aphron: I did cut off. I apologize. 
Sybil: Sur! Tats always ur excuse! ITS OLD!!!
Aphron: Well, how is it my fault that I missed a message?
Sybil: U didn't mis mesg! U got it & deleted it! But
I hav poof!!!
Sybil: Fat Noodle & soup I ges
Aphron: What?  I deleted it?  Why would I delete it?
Sybil: 2 hide ur meanus! U not very brite! Hahahahhah
Aphron: What is a 'meanus'?  Is that me anus?
Sybil: =D no u r so gross, meanus=meanness! Get ur hed out
o guttr! Yuk:&
Aphron: Oh...meanness. Well, you got me. I like to ignore u
because I can'tbe truly happy unless you are angry.
I'm masochistic like that.