Wednesday, June 04, 2014

No Snip For You!

Sailor asked in the comments from my last post about why Sybil is against any form of permanent birth control.  I wanted to get my thoughts out there, and I felt that a comment would be too long.

First of all, Sybil eschews any time of surgery unless it is definitely required.  A few years ago she was having suspicious pap smears, so the gynecologist was pushing for a partial hysterectomy.  She spoke with her sister's husband (a health care provider in another state), worried and gnashed her teeth, and convinced her gynecologist to just do a LEEP procedure.  Ever since then, she goes every 6 months for a recheck.  This has been years ago.  In fairness to Sybil, it worked; she hasn't had a problem since.

The idea of me getting a vasectomy is not new.  I wanted one after the birth of our third child.  I DID NOT WANT ANYMORE CHILDREN, PERIOD. see how that went.  Sybil used the same logic as now: why get something done if you don't need to.  It is unnatural.  Granted this is a want and not a need.  I think there are elements of control in the situation, but overall the problem is her belief in maintaining a whole body.

Since I believe that her body is mine and my body is hers as a married couple, I cannot go against her wishes.  Sadly, this puts us in a terrible bind.  I am just as adamant about her not taking the Pill.  I, firmly, believe the Pill did more to damage our marriage (from my point of others with issues she doesn't really think she had a role to play).  If I am demanding her to not to take the Pill, how can I demand for a vasectomy?

Of course, I could "man up" and just "git 'er dun".  However, the long term ramifications to my marriage would be very, very bad.  Although I complain about my situation on this blog, I do believe in my marriage; I do believe that I should remain marriage; and I do believe that remaining married is the best for my family.  This will have to be one of those situations that I have to give in.

Or...maybe...I'm a puss.