Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello,,,Is Anybody There?

Yes, I'm alive. Just not a lot going on. Sybil and I are in a pretty good place. We have learned how to communicate with each other better. I mean it only took 16 years. That's not to say we don't have our disagreements; we do. It just means they aren't quite to the same level of vitriol as they once were. Yes, she still is a drama queen. Her drama doesn't send me around the bend like it used to do.

Physically speaking, things are about the same. Like many of the blogs I read, we suffer from differing views of what we want. Sybil erected walls that I cannot scale, and boundaries I cannot cross. No amount of communication will ever change that. When I read other blogs, I am grateful to be having sex. Sadly, I am human and always want more than I have. Ratcheting down my wants has seemed to do the trick. Kind of sad, but that is the state of my "affairs".

Although we tend to have our disagreements and have differing sexual "appetities", we have come to realize that we have a pretty good thing going. We, also, have to come realize that we will never be perfect, and we will never have a perfect marriage.