Sunday, December 15, 2019

Monday, December 09, 2019

Same Bat Time...Same Bat Channel

So...we are getting close to the crazy season...and Sybil is acting crazy.

For the last 4 out of 5 years (give or take), Sybil has concocted drama and refused to travel to visit my parents for Christmas.  One year it was because I did not immediately drop what I was doing and help her with a computer issue (I was actually working on a computer issue of my own).  This year, ironically, it is because she is tired of how my mother speaks to my father.

Father has been ill and Mother has to bear the brunt of taking care of, since my Brother and I are not close by.  I have spoken to Mother about toning down how she speaks to Father.  I have asked her to try to be patient with Father (she is the root cause of many of the issues I am grappling with...Freud was correct in some things).  We saw Mother and Father this past weekend, and Mother lost control and snapped at Father.  It was not bad, but naturally Sybil is looking for a way to isolate me from the family.  So, last night Sybil decided that she cannot tolerate Mother and her way of speaking to Father.  I was able to maintain a straight face.  I said that is her choice but I will be taking Son#3 so he can visit his grandparents.  Under no uncertain terms will she allow me to take him.  I said in that case I would just not go.

After sleeping on it, I told Sybil that I will be going to my parents' house, I would like everyone to come with me, and I would be sad if she did not come.  No reply.  We'll see.  I think her stubbornness will win out.  I am not sure how to approach it any differently.  As my parents are elderly (Son #3 came along when I was in my mid 40s), there is not much more time for them to be together.  Sybil just cannot stand for him to be in such a toxic environment, therefore he cannot go.

Stay tuned...