Monday, April 23, 2012

The End is Nigh?

Well, as the title should reveal the end is nigh for Sybil and my marriage.  At least that is what she has said.  We really haven't spoken about our marriage (or anything else) in over a week.  She seems quite willing to go Hiroshima and nuke our family.  What prompted such a dramatic action?  That's what this blog is for: a web log of our dynamic.

Last weekend, my parents were in for the weekend to celebrate my birthday.  That Saturday morning Sybil and I had to run to the office before going to Largish City close by to Son #1 play trumpet.  Our plan was to bring my parents along, also.  Anyway, as we were driving back to the house to begin our journey, we came upon a guy jogging down the road.  The road we were on has no shoulder whatsoever.  He was on the road side of the white line.  I noticed that as we came closer there would be hill coming up and there was no way to know if another car would crest the hill in the opposite direction.  This posed a bit of a conundrum: how to get past the driver and deal with the hill and the possibility of oncoming traffic.  I mumbled, "crud" under my breath.  Sybil said, "What?!?"  It was not quite yelling but was, definitely, not conversation tone.  In the moment of stress (caused by both the jogger and Sybil's demeanor), I said, "What do mean 'What'?  Can't you see the jogger and the hill?  What if another car hit us head on as I'm trying to not hit the jogger?"  I'm sure my tone was...sharpish.  The words I used (and possibly tone) caused Sybil to get very angry.  She said I was rude to which I said that the words were not rude it may have sounded that way due to a moment of stress.  This continued for less than 5 minutes on the way to my house.

Meanwhile, my parents are anxious to go see their grandson.  As we pull up to the house, I see them and my other two children standing outside waiting for us.  By this time Sybil is in one of her rages.  She storms out of the car, doesn't say anything to anyone, and goes inside.  Judging by the raised eyebrows of my parents, I'd say they knew that something was up.  I go inside to try talking her down.

Inside the house, she starts yelling at me for my rude behavior.  Now she has decided that we can go without her.  Basically, being her normal self.  I say that I did not mean for my comment to be rude.  I apologize  for it, but it was said in a moment of stress.  Sybil doesn't care and continues to say it's too late. She's not going.  This ten minute "discussion" eats up valuable time.  Everyone is still outside wondering what is the deal.  I finally talk Sybil down enough to get her in the car.  We drive to Largish City just in time to miss the performance.

As we are standing there, I'm still not in a good state of mind and Sybil is not in a good state of mind.  We kind of stand there looking at each other and elsewhere not saying anything to each other.  I'm thinking I've apologized and everything should be good.  Later, I will find out how wrong I was.  Anyway, Sybil wonders off to look at some shops are located in the area.  My parents and other kids wonder off to do their thing.  I'm left standing there by myself.

On the way home, I have to get fuel.  Our car is a diesel and requires a certain kind of diesel that was hard to get, when we first purchased the car.  However, that was five years ago.  Everywhere has the correct diesel.  I pull into a certain gas station that we had a problem getting diesel before.  Sybil starts yelling at me (in front of my parents and other 2 kids) to go to the one across the street.  I calmly explain that the placard indicates the correct diesel is sold there now.  Sybil is not having it.  We MUST continue to gas station across the street.  Finally, I say fine we'll go.  Sybil says that she told me before ever turning in to go to the other one but I didn't listen (that is possible...more likely she wasn't making herself clear).  Finally, we get the correct diesel and go home.  Sybil promptly marches to her room without a word to anyone.  My parents are wondering what just happened.  Very uncomfortable for me.

Finally, everyone goes to bed to conclude my parents visit.  They ask us not to try to get up to see them off.  They planned to leave very early.  I say good night and safe trip.  I go to bed.  Sybil is still awake.  I say that I am not happy with how she acted in front of my parents.  She really showed her "ass".  Instead of feeling remorse or anything, she says that she is tired of the act.  She pointed out that I have done the same before in front of her family.  I guess this excuses her behavior.  To tell the truth, we have had two blow-ups in front of her family.  I did apologize to her at the end (to date she has never apologized for her actions in front of my family).  We begin our long conversation (it takes over two hours).  Sybil contends that I was being abusive in the car, when I made the rude comment about the jogger and the hill.  I acted like an "asshole".  (Aside: I guess verbal abuse only means anything but name calling).  I was a jerk for not talking after we arrived at the Largish City.  It's my fault things escalated to the boiling point.  I should have listened better about the fuel.    We, finally, go to sleep sometime after 1:00 am.

The next day we have a five hour long continuation from the night before.  We had made plans to do some work at the office and run some errands, but these plans had to be delayed to have our talk.  In the car ride to Large Office Supply Box Store, Sybil continues the conversation.  By my count, the conversation lasted about twelve hours total.  In the Large Office Supply Box Store parking lot, we are still at it.  I'm trying to diffuse the situation, but Sybil is not having it.  Finally, she says that she doesn't think we should go on.  I say to her to be careful of starting down that path.  I tell her that starting down that path there will be no return.  She continues saying that it is pointless to continue the marriage.

This took place over a week ago.  While Sybil has not come out and said she wants a divorce, she hasn't come out and said anything is ok.  For my part, I'm feeling kind of numb about it.  When I weigh the pros and cons of divorce, I can say that the cons of staying together outweigh the pros.  Sybil has many negatives.  However, she is the mother of children and I made a promise.  Those are the two things that are keeping me here.  If she demanded a divorce and asked me to move out, I already have planned on what to take.  It amounts to very little.