Saturday, December 17, 2005

Interesting comment

Satan seemed surprised that (S?)he has a "very well-developed sense of right and wrong". That struck a chord in me. Of anyone, Satan has intimate knowledge of the difference of right and wrong. Satan was God's favorite. His Morning Star. Satan had seen the wonders of God first hand. Unfortunately, Satan chose to be on the side of wrong. He hoped to dethrone God and take over. God gave him this world as his punishment.

Humans are always striving to do right. The problem is that humans are almost god-like. They can change the definition of right to whatever is right for them. This is the stumbling block of atheists. Since an atheist does not believe in a higher, benevolent deity, he/she can never truly know what is right (or good). He/she can only define it in terms that relate to him/herself. When man tries to define what is right/good in without knowledge of God, he will always fail. When man tries to make up what is right for him, we get war, the holocaust, income taxes, etc. Each of these examples were couched in terms that defined good without using God. Look where they have gotten us.

I do not believe there are any true atheists. A Satanist still believes in God. He just chooses not to worship him. Many may be agnostic. It seems to me that an agnostic is one that is afraid of the answers he/she will find in trying to find out, if there is a God or not. If there is truly a God, then everything he built his life on may be a farce. If there is not a God, then what is the purpose of life?

So when Satan made is post, at first blush it seemed surprising that Satan would have a "very well-developed sense of right and wrong". In reality, Satan would be have a very keen sense of right and wrong. He just always chooses to defy God and do wrong.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You are a

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I'm finally back with a little time for a quick post. Wife and I survived the move into our new office. We didn't kill each other. The only arguement was a 20 minute "discussion" of salad dressing. I brought take out from a local restaurant. We shared a gyro ceasar salad. I decided to play it safe and ordered the dressing on the side. Somehow this translated into me not really loving her. If I had, then I would have known she loves the salad swimming in dressing not on the side. I apologized for screwing up her lunch. The sarcasm was lost on her.

Otherwise the weight is starting to lift. This project has been so all encompassing that it had taken over our lives. We'll see how things go.

Right now, we're dealing with Wife having a problem with vertigo/dizziness. The GP thinks it may be viral. She has no other symptoms. She's on medrol dose pack and augmentin. She's been too out of it for the last week to cause a big ruckus.

It's late; I'll post more later.