Sunday, January 12, 2020

I Guess Twitter Isn't a Total Dumpster Fire

Seen on Twitter:

Actually, my father did not really say this.  I'm sure he thinks it every day of his life.  I have written how I feel that I am the buffer between my kids and Sybil.  I often wonder if this how our kids see things, too.  So many times things are not clear about our childhood until we are adults.  I hope they understand.

As for any updates...

Sybil still likes to create drama, especially when things are not focused on herself.  Her new tactic is threaten divorce.  I think she hopes that I will start the process, so she will not have to be responsible.  In her mind she can say it was, literally, all of my fault.  I will resist.  It is very, very tempting, though.  I keep thinking about or 5 yo, God's plan, and vows I took.

Stay tuned.