Friday, July 16, 2021

Women are Good for Only Two Things and Most Can't Cook

I reference the above meme and video from Stefan Molyneux in today's post.  They both encapsulate modern marriage.  Basically, women really believe what they've been shoveling.  They refuse to take responsibility for anything big or small.  Single mother? The man's fault (in reality she didn't choose well).  Husband has emotionally checked out?  He's an a#$hole (in reality she's such a pain in the a#$ to live with that he can't wait to die).  Kids are messed up?  They just won't listen (in reality she spends more time looking at her phone than interacting with kids).

The modern woman is narcissistic.  She does not care about anyone else's feelings on any matter.  The fact that someone may have a different point of view is an anathema to her.  The modern woman just really does not care much beyond herself.  Most of the time, they choose the easy path of just blaming others for their own problems and mistakes.  It is much easier to do this than be held accountable and be expected to learn and grow as a human being.  Instead, they stay as an adolescent, emotionally.

To hold a woman accountable is an exercise in futility.  They will lash out with the intent of destroying the person that actually is holding responsible for their actions.  It is far easier to destroy than create.  In destroying the person that makes even the slightest comment that seems even remotely critical, the onus is taken off of the woman to become introspective and work towards improvement.

I give you today's blow-up: I received an email regarding something vitaly important for our business.  I addressed it with Sybil.  In the course of the conversation, while I am still talking with her, she picks up her phone and starts looking at it.  Not a word as to why.  I let her know that I feel disrespected.  Her response?  "I thought you were just rambling".  Oh, really?....Rambling?  Silly me....I thought I was talking to my wife and business partner.

Now, if I were dealing with a fully formed human, Sybil would recognize that what she did could be construed as disrespectful and apologize.  Well, she just wears that skin suit.  Underneath, I am not sure what she is but it ain't human.  Instead, she goes into a vocal dissertation of how I deserve it because of our conversation the night before in which I was vague about how much money our business can provide personally.  I never said I wasn't vague.  Our business does well but the monies coming in can fluctuate.  This is something that she knows.  Somehow this allows her to be rude.

I give up.  I cannot be the only adult in this "marriage".  As I have written before, I am not going to be the one to ask for a divorce (call it stubbornness, pride, whatever), but I will not beg her to stay.  If being married to me is that horrible that she has to make both of us miserable, then she should just do us all a favor and leave.