Tuesday, May 24, 2005

She's Insane

So it was last Saturday and we were rushing around as usual. I had worked that morning and went home for a quick lunch and then to haul off some household trash. She went with the kids to Son #1's activity. There was much stress to be had by all. I called her to check in and see what was up. She informed me that Son #1 was being a jerk: complaining about being tired, no food, etc. She asked me what time his ball game was that afternoon. I looked at my PDA and told her. She asked me, "Are you sure, because that seems earlier than usual." I looked at my PDA again and said yes. I remember saying that is what it says on my PDA; she remembers hearing me say that's what it says. Now, unbeknownst to me, she had programmed all of the start time 30 min to 1 hour earlier than they actually started. I told her the time that was on my PDA then went about collecting stuff to be hauled off.

A few hours later she came home totally pissed off because of the afore mentioned Son. He had managed to push all of her buttons all day. As a matter of fact, I felt relief in knowing she wasn't mad at me and tried to keep a low profile. Anyway, she was still unsure about the start time and pulled that printout the coach gave us. Low and behold it was going to be another hour and half before game time. I said sorry but that what was on my PDA. Well, that signaled the start of it all. You see I should have known to double check my source. Obviously, I do not care about her, love her, or want to be helpful in anyway. When she asked me "are you sure?", I should have known to find that piece of paper (placed only she knew where) and double check the source. How thoughtless, how inconsiderate of me. It is obvious I do not care.

I do not get it. If she would have told me from the beginning that the times in the PDA were not the actual times, I would have a) told her what the source was (which I thought I did anyway) or b) double checked to see what time it started from the original source. This has precipitated a running fight for five days. The fight was exacerbated by the fact that I did not know what goes on her hamburgers (another long story). What the hell! How can one take that and extrapolate me not loving her or caring about her? I need a referee to give an impartial decision.

I have started to notice these outbreaks are much more frequent approximately one week prior to her period. Hormones must be powerful stuff.

Then, last night she falls asleep at about 10:00. I go do my usual Monday night workout routine, get finished about 11:15, take a shower, and am in bed by 11:40 or so. Today she asks me why I didn't try something. Well, let's see: your insane? I'm tired? If you want it bad enough, stay awake? Take your pick.

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