Friday, August 24, 2012

Joining the world of Twitter

Well...I'm entering the world of Twitter.  I kind of find it a waste of time, but I think Tweeting Sybil's rantings may be enjoying.  For me anyway.  Ha.  For those that care (both of you), it may provide some fun and take your mind off of your problems.  So look at the sidebar.  I hope to update when able.  Since we are moving our older son into college this weekend, I know there will be something to Tweet about.

Stay tuned.


Sailor said...

ugh... don't suppose you'll copy & put the "best of tweets" here, huh? I don't think I need yet another place to follow people, lol!

And having moved kids to college a few times now, the latest adventure was Wednesday- Yes, you'll have things to tweet :)

Anonymous said...

Party time with Sybil ... this should be interesting.