Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Documenting More Vomitous

Here's the loving text Sybil sent me this morning:

Now, what egregious act did I do to warrant this loving text?  Well, I did not follow her wishes immediately.  It seems that, per Facebook, many hotels reservations in our area are being cancelled due to hurricane Florence.  My parents are supposed to come visit for Daughter's event.  Sybil has been like a "dog with a bone" about letting my parents know what the weather situation is in our area.  We are not in a direct line, and we are hundreds of miles away.  We are not even in the Carolinas.  I've been monitoring the weather situation and noticed that things are not supposed to happen here until my parents have already left the area.  Since I did not immediately send an email laying out our (her?) concerns, Sybil feels that I don't take her concerns seriously.

Now, I understand what Sybil is saying, but she spends way too much time on Facebook.  We have weather apps to check weather.  I know that weather forecasting is an inexact science, but it isn't without merit.  I think it is more secure than posts on Facebook from people that we do not even know.

I am able to look at the weather forecast and ascertain what is going to happen in our area.  I can look at the storm track and get an idea about how things will play out in our area.  Yes, it is an assumption, but it is a valid, logic assumption.  Sadly, Facebook posts and Sybil's feelings on the matter mean more.  I never said I would not email my parents about the weather (I, actually, agreed); it just is not a high priority.  I have many other things weighing on my mind than a few comments on Facebook.

Sigh. This morning's mini argument really isn't about some email to my parents.  Sybil needs attention and didn't feel like she was getting it.  Like a child that throws a tantrum, she has to have that supply.  I struggled to maintain Medium Chill.  I let her vomit forth her comments.  She twisted mine.  I realized this is circular and a tempest in a teapot.  I just made a script and stuck to it.  As we can see from the text above, Sybil was left unsatisfied with our conversation.  She felt compelled to fire off the last word.

I just want off this crazy train.


Anonymous said...

Soooooo .... Sybil's e-mail, etc are broken and you failed to use yours for good? That's what I seem to hear, reading between the lines. Have they ex-communicated her or something?

Queenie wouldn't even think of using me as a conduit, I ain't dramatic enough for her tastes .... ;-)

aphron said...

Heh. Nope, her email works just fine. Nope, they have ex-communicated her or anything. Honestly, I do not mind communicating with my parents. It just was not high on my list of things to do. Naturally, Sybil read this as she not being high on my list.
As for the drama, this episode kind snapped me. I have instituted Medium Chill and Grey Rock and will no longer JADE. Before, I was just feeding the beast. Naturally, I will be called "cold, distant, diplomatic", but I just do not care. Sybil is just going to be Sybil.

Anonymous said...

So, tell her she's right. She's no longer high on your list. That should be fodder for another 'interesting' post!!

Sorry, just in that kinda mood ....