Sunday, June 21, 2020

Interesting perspective

A couple of videos that seem to help elucidate the situation with Sybil.  Firstly, This good doctor in one of her videos states that to be diagnosed as having NPD, it must cause distress in one's life.  The example was someone addicted to drugs.  Until that person recognizes what it does to their life, they may not have a problem.  Therefore, let us redefine Sybil.  She is a narcissist.  In my layperson opinion she has 60% covert narcissism (raging especially) and 40% neglectful narcissism (can only think of work).  In this case is she is a Hybrid Narcissist.  

It has taken me, literally, years (beginning of the blog) to come to this conclusion.  While having a name is nice, it does not change our situation.  The situation is this: she can only think of how a situation affects her feelings.  NO ONE sees this.  In public, she is courteous, conscious of other's feelings.  Sybil bends herself into a pretzel trying to putting the other person on a pedestal.  I get the left overs.  

Sure, there are times Sybil knows things have gone too far, and I am checking out.  She will use the only arrow in her quiver: sex.  With sex she knows that she gets me to focus only on her.  Funny thing...I am getting older and sex is less important to me.  Really the only thing she has over me is our young child.  That's it.

It is nice to put a name on Sybil: Hybrid Narcissist.  It does not really change anything, though.  The parties involved are the same.

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