Saturday, June 24, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Well, Sybil and I survived the week together. From Friday to Wednesday was spent at her parent's house in Dallas, and Wednesday until today (Saturday) was spent in Las Vegas. It was a very interesting visit.

I learned a few things:
  1. When Sybil wants her flight itinerary changed, it nearly takes an act of Congress. If I don't do it to her specifications or in the fashion she would, then hell will break loose. Although I knew a flight she needed was available, I should check with her first to make sure it meets with her approval before changing anything. Of course, it would be easier if she handled it HER flight herself. That way it will be done as she wants it.
  2. When Sybil says her new shoes are comfortable, she is a liar. I knew they weren't. I asked several times. Each time I was met with her telling me how comfortable they are. Naturally, walking the strip in new, high heels makes for a short walk. I guess it's better to look good than be comfortable.
  3. The purpose of going to Las Vegas is to go shopping. Looking at the archetecture of the buildings and possibly gambling is a distant second. It's all about the stores.
  4. Getting a large room with a walk-in shower and a jacuzzi does not mean they are to be used as anything other that getting clean. I mean the shower didn't have a seat. The jacuzzi is there for looks.
  5. Nibbling on Sybil's neck after her shower but before I brush my teeth is a no-no. I will leave a residue that others can smell.
  6. Finally, Las Vegas is a city of vice. No two ways about it. A weak individual could get into a lot of trouble.
Anyway, I'm glad to be back home. I think Vegas is a cool city. Although gambling, drinking, and sex is in one's face nearly the whole time, there is other stuff to do. We saw KA, which was a great show and "eye candy."


George said...

I endured 5 years of abuse because I thought the children needed their dad around all the time. But they were also suffering from the heaps of abuse flung at me, except they didn't know it.
Finally I had to leave in order to save myself. I have only read a few of your posts ... I don't know what you consider abuse but in my case it consisted of verbal, mental, emotional and physical.
Don't wait as long as I did to correct the situation. It has been 2.5 years since I have left and I have been in therapy for the past 6 months as I now suffer from major depression. I am on medications and psychotherapy.
If you think your life is difficult now ... don't let it get to the stage where you consider suicide every day.

Good luck.

So Gone Over You said...

Wow. What a list of things to learn while in possibly the most fun city EVER.

I LOVE jacuzzi sex. My Ex and I had sex for the first time in a jacuzzi. Loved it.

Don't you love the little guys on the strip slapping the cards at you?

And wearing anything but sneakers on the Strip is just asking for pain. That thing is so long...

aphron said...

I'll be posting about your comment in the future.

so gone-
We've never had jacuzzi sex. We have a large tub with the nozzles even. Sybil won't even consider doing that in water that may be unclean. Also, the little Mexican men and women slapping the hooker business cards were especially annoying, yet funny.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a relatively entertaining time in spite of Sybil. Just imagine how much fun you could have had without her.

FTN said...

You said it was "interesting," but did you at least enjoy yourself? Did the two of you have some fun together? Good discussions, at least? Or eat a lot of buffet food?

My wife and I went to Vegas on our second anniversary and loved it. We spent most of our time just walking around looking at everything.

If I had a nice room with a walk-in shower and a big jacuzzi, I'd be quite disappointed if there was no sex going on in either of those places.

Trouble said...

Yikes. Sibyl needs to loosen up. Y'all didn't use the jacuzzi for its intended purpose (SEX!!)? She doesn't want your spit and love bites on her neck?


I cannot think of a circumstance in which I wouldn't welcome a love bite from bf.

aphron said...

joe flirt-
That thought did cross my mind a few times. Sadly, I feel that Sybil just doesn't know how to have a good time.

Yes, we had some fun. I did enjoy walking around looking at the buildings. However, the whole reason for paying the extra money for a jacuzzi room was the sex. Yep, a little disappointed.

trouble in shrangri la-
Sybil does need to loosen up. She has exhibited her uptightness on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

Where'dya stay with that big ol' shower? I want to spend a week in a place like that...then go make my house like that....

aphron said...

Passionate man-
The Luxor. As hotels go it was ok. Apparently, the casinos aren't generating as much money, because it wasn't cheap. The shower was nice. Definitely big enough for two people, of if your so inclined, three people. It was more than a little frustrating, because nothing happened. What sex there was (twice in 3 nights) was ok. Maybe next time I'll go by myself.

Anonymous said...

My first wedding anniversary, we went to Chicago and got an expensive hotel overlooking the mile. It was a 4 day expensive all out weekend.

And no sex. On our 1 year anniversary.

Very depressing. But it was how things were at the time.

Have hope, if you still search for it, that it is possible for a marriage to change, evolve, and thrive.

aphron said...

mr husbland-
I'd hoped after 13 years it'd be a little better. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. guess that fact I looked over. 13 years?

My point was I was still on my "honeymoon" period (which never existed).

Next time, I'll go with ya and we'll make some ruckus.

So Gone Over You said...

Loved the Luxor!

aphron said...

Mr. Husbland-
Poor Sybil doesn't know how to kick back and have fun. It's quite sad in a way. If I go back, I'd rather go with a group of friends. I doubt that'll ever happen.

so gone-
It was not bad. It isn't the nicest, but it isn't the worst.

Thanks for the posts.