Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm a Little Tired

Yesterday was quite eventful, especially the fireworks at the end.

Since I had the day off, Sybil, Son#1 (14), Son #2 (9), and I went to the office and did some work until Sybil and Son #1's orthodontist appointment. Lunch was put off until after 1:30 due to the appointment. We'd already had a full day of fun with Sybil.

We're sitting at lunch, when the topic of David Bowie comes up. Son #1 plays Guitar Hero (or was it Rock Band?), and a factoid came up saying that once David Bowie was hit in the eye with a lollipop at a concert. I said that must explain why one of his pupils being bigger than the other. Sybil begins questioning about it. Finally, I say that it was assumption and not a fact. To which she snaps, "I guess it wasn't the TRUTH!" Practically spitting out the last word. I ask her why she snapped at me. Naturally, she says she didn't. This time I had witnesses. Son #1 got my back and told her that she did. Immediately, Sybil became defensive and denied it. I explained that she had indeed snapped at me. After the third denial, I simply said, "Whatever," and stopped talking. I figure what's the point? She'll never admit to the possibility that she has a sharp tongue.

Flash forward to last night. Just about the time we're going to bed, Sybil starts in. Didn't I know she was mad? No. If one is mad, I shouldn't have to figure it out. She is mad because I stopped talking. I explained my reasoning. She starts yelling at me. By this time she is completely unhinged. She is yelling so much that she is actually spitting on me. The gist is my stopping the conversation during lunch. I try to explain that I didn't want to talk anymore, because she was in denial about the possibility about her demeanor. Sybil continues to deny ever snapping at me. Of course, this isn't a calm, adult conversation. She is continually yelling at me. Finally, she yells, "Why don't you sleep on the couch!?" I, of course, say no. Sybil continues her tirade. Finally, I decided that the couch is preferable to this abuse, so I go sleep on the couch. I cede the field to her.

I'm a little tired. The couch is just a little shorter than me. It was worth not listening to her.


More discussion with Sybil yields why she was upset. It would appear that she was giving all kinds of signals all day yesterday, and I was supposed to note the signals, go to her, and ascertain the problem. Since I did not approach her and ask what was the matter, she became angry and felt ignored. We had about 30 minutes of alone time, and that was right before going to bed. Also, we never completed our conversation about David Bowie. As to the issue of her demeanor towards me, Sybil is in complete denial that she did anything wrong.


Anonymous said...

I like the simplistic nature of this post. It says a lot, I think.

aphron said...

I know. I just retyped it. :).

Brevity is a sign of wit.

Anonymous said...

Emotional instability .....

..... Anger management.

Phyllis Renée said...

I've reacted the same in disputes like this. It doesn't do any good to argue with them; they're not going to admit they're wrong. At that point I'm like, "Ok, have a nice day." But for her to come back later and be upset because you didn't realize she was mad?? I would've probably said something like, "Oh, I knew you're we mad. You're always mad."

And I guess you won the arguement since you got to sleep on the couch :o)

Anonymous said...

You know, I would be damn tempted to start carrying around one of those mini-recorders in my pocket and just hit record whenever she gets started.

Then when she's done, play that back for her to listen to. I'm betting it might be a long-needed slap in the face to her.

FTN said...

Yeah, what XI said. She needs some anger management counseling, or something.

You must have learned some serious patience over the years. Because I sure wouldn't have the patience to put up with that crap.

Therese in Heaven said...

I agree with XI. If she gets that upset over something so trivial, she has some deeply seeded issues that need addressing.

That isn't good for a marriage, nor for a family.

Anonymous said...

what do you do when familiarity breeds contempt in a marriage?

Anonymous said...

I am sure there is more than what was posted. Hopefully there are some good things and good times that we don't know about.
This post in and of itself though, does strongly suggest some anger management issues.
I'll also throw in that I strongly hope your blog doesn't get outed like mine did. I can't imagine how that would go over.