Monday, October 17, 2005

Disney: Is it the AntiChrist?

Took the family to see Disney Incredibles on Ice. It was ok. This was the first ice show I had been to. I appreciate the skaters' abilities. The routines were great. It was definitely geared towards the kids, especially pre-middle school. The problem is this: the pressure put on the parents to buy crap at the event. There were dozens of kiosks set up hawking items, which were over priced and cheaply made. Naturally, the children were wanting some things. Wife asked to buy some snacks and a drink. We had just eaten, but I grumbled my ok. I was in a constant state of amazement at the amount of stuff for sale.

On the way home, Wife asked me how I liked it. I said the opening part was kind of stupid (a grown up was trying to act cool and overdoing it), otherwise I liked it. She tore into me telling me that I ruined the kids' experience, because I would not let them spend a lot of money on stuff. I couldn't believe she actually had the gall to say it. As it was, we spent over $50 on a drink, cotton candy, bucket of popcorn, and a "claw" toy. Am I being unreasonable? I think not.

The next day we continued our discussion, since I was too tired to really talk the night before. She was pissed about me not broaching the subject Sunday morning. She purposefully made us VERY late for church, just to prove a point. I asked her when did she started playing games. Wife wasn't playing a game; it was a tactic to prove her point. Yeah, right. I guess two wrongs DO make a right. Also, I explained that talking about an incident is not a quick talk with her. It lasts hours. Am I going to start a long conversation in the morning? No. I'll wait until we have time to hash it out.

I blame Disney. They managed to suck Wife into their consumerism frenzy. Also, can I take down the last post? I don't feel that way anymore.


'nilla said...

sure, it's your blog! People will make comments about it though. i take things down a lot because I feel like I am too hateful toward J in some of my angry blogs.

Digger Jones said...

It's useful to leave these posts up and juxtaposed just to show the contrast.

Your wife must argue like me: to win. Part of being a condescending prick and it sounds like your wife has it down pretty well. Tell her I said that ;-)

I have no idea what being late to church has to do with anything. What point does that make? Church is supposed to be about God, forgiveness, virtue and the fruits of the Spirit.

You might have made a better point of it to leave her behind and take the kids to church without her. When she asks what's that about tell her that you just want her to know what it will be like during the rapture. She will be left behind because she is such a materialistic servant of the DEVIL!


aphron said...

I like that answer! My fundamental problem is my, basically, easy going nature. I know that if pulled a stunt like that, there would be Hell to pay.

'nilla said...

hey you, what's goin on?

Ordinary Joe said...

I take it that you do not take your kids to shows like this often?

ANY event like this, (Disney or not) is all about the merchandising.

Is it expensive? Yes!
Overpriced? Yes!
Part of the experience? Yes!
A necessary evil? Yes (you don't want to even think about what a ticket would cost without this)

Now, I agree on setting limits, but by your own account, you sound like you turned into a bit of a tightwad, and worse, let it be known (to this kids I mean).

I do not believe in over-indulging my daughter, but the once or twice a year we go to a Disney on Ice, or a Seasame Street Live, I do budget for the "trinket or two" that is the inevitable part of the "experience" (as your wife puts it).

The whole church "point", I don't get.

As for taking down the post, why? It was how you felt at that time. Like digger jones said, leave it just to show the contrasts of moods, and changes therein.