Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Danica was nice enough to post to my last entry:
Can you tell me in your own words how your wife giving you MORE blowjobs would help her control you??? I need to hear a man say it so I can tell the next one. If you read my post on silence, you would understand why I need this information. Please oh please!!!!
Have you told her what a blowjob means to you?

She is so fortunate to have you. Gee wiz!

I decided to answer that in an entry rather than a comment.

I've expressed to Wife how much I enjoy BJs; I've been verbal during the act; and I even expressed my undying gratitude afterwards. It comes back to the same thing: she does not want me expecting to get a BJ and therefore, taking her for granted.

May be the real issue is Wife feeling like I take her for granted. She has said so during our conversations. Do I? Probably. That is part of being married. Taking someone for granted is not necessarily bad. It means I can depend on her for certain things. I bring coffee to her every morning. If I don't, she'll probably at least wonder why. She's taking me for granted. Anyone, who has read this blog, can see she does take me for granted in not so innocuous ways, so a few more BJs isn't uncalled for, right?

When I was in college, I dated a girl, who loved to 69 and even swallowed. That is every guy's dream come true (sorry Danica). She dumped me. That's ok. The problem with previous sexual experiences is that I want to take all of the good parts and incorporate them into my relationship now. It doesn't work that way. The more I think upon it, the more I'm going to tell my kids that premarital sex isn't what it's cracked up to be. Ignorance is bliss. Bottom line: I love Wife, damnit. I have to let a lot go. Although it isn't anything weird or kinky, I will curtail it, because I am married to her.


Danica said...


Oh Honey!!!! You quoted me?????
(sniff sniff)...And here I was terrified I might have said something bad or out of line. You are a jewel! Thank you for answering my questions and for reading my comments at all.

Don't apologize for liking to be swallowed!!!! Did I say I didn't swallow or had something against it??? Surely I didn't and if I did I was lying through my teeth!
I most certainly DO swallow (for the right man). I was never given the chance to do it for FH, but that is his loss I think.

You somewhat answered my question as to what a blowjob means to you. Yet, I would still love to know how in your mind you feel that more blowjobs would equal your wife having more control over you instead of less. You made a comment in the November 15th post that read and I quote, "I keep hoping that she will realize that giving more BJs will help her control me. LOL! Anyway, Wife does play a mind game with the subject." Maybe you were just kidding and I could be just blowing things out of the water.

To me, it seems your wife thinks that less is more.. fewer blowjobs means she will get more out of you. You are in fact saying that more blowjobs means more out of you. Can you tell me why you feel this way? If you can verbalize it and tell her.. maybe it would change things.

Did I tell you thank you?


Anonymous said...

I think it comes down to the happier she keeps him the more he will want to please her. It's not a far cry from the truth. My husband has told me he has commited himself to do at least one small thing for me around the house every night, despite his crazy work and sleep schedule to show his appreciation for the support I give him in his job, the little extra personal things I do for him, and my effort to keep a regular and frequent sexual schedule including BJ's. For me btw... I always swallow. It's eay to go brush my teeth instead of cleaning up a cum filled cup. But then my husband is the only man I have or ever will give a blow job to.

Danica said...


You ALWAYS swallow? Always???? Please tell me how? I ask because some women complain that they taste cum for a day or two after swallowing. Personally, I could swallow say.. maybe weekly or every other week, but not day after day as all my food might taste like HIM!!! (smile).

You always swallow. I think with my next spouse I will try it for a week and see if I have a problem.

Girl you have officially blown me away.


Anonymous said...

Danica, I too have always swallowed. Back in the day before my husband & I were having intercourse, I'd give him 3-4 BJ's in a weekend. I never liked the alternatives! : )

Danica said...

Well Tajalude:

I will have to do that when the opporutnity presents itself! I just hope I am up to the challenge. I can only hope to get close.

Hmmm... and you never had any problems?



Anonymous said...

Well for starters we don't have daily blow jobs... though I mostly am trying to kep a daily schedule of some sort of sex for him. He gets a BJ about once a week... two if I'm feeling up for it. I like giving them to him... but I like getting mine too. And yes everytime I give him one I swallow. While he's basking in his glorious afterglow I sneak off to the bathroom for a quick tooth brushing session and some mouthwash. He doesn't like to kiss me if I haven't afterwards.

claire said...

Sorry for hijacking your post, Aphron, but wanted to add to the ladies that when I started giving BJ's I didn't know there was any other option than swallowing. Everything else just seemed so messy. I've never gotten into the habit of not swallowing and am loving the intimacy that comes with swallowing.

aphron said...

All I got to say is WOW! If I had known all of you were out there, then well anyway.

As for the control issue, Sqaure1 hit it. I am happier, when sexually fulfilled. There, I said it. I am that shallow. I can't help the way I'm wired. So for Wife to have an easier time to "control" me, all she has to do this intimate task. I am much more loving towards her after she performs on me. I am much more relaxed and less easily agitated. The area that gets me into trouble is letting minor irritations build until I explode (no pun intended). When Wife is performing on me, she has a strong power over me. Although I have told her, she does not realize the power. She rations oral sex as a way to make sure it remains special. Now, if I were getting it everyday, I can see that. But, getting it more than quarterly will not diminish it.

In a way, I would rather have and give oral sex than conventional sex. For me, it is more pleasurable and intense. Wife, on the other hand, prefers things to be ah...well more conventional. She really prefers straight intercourse to anything. So she says.

So Danica, the female posters here have learned the power of BJ. Hopefully, the will use it only for good and not for evil. LOL!

Danica said...


I completely understand now. I was just trying to be sure your need for blowjobs and control was not related to domination/submission.

I think the reason I was trying to please FH orally as much as I was was my fear he was not being sexually fulfilled coupled with my need to know I could provide that for him coupled with my normal lust for cock. He just didn't have that need.

Thank goodess the Aphron's of the world exist who need and want oral from their woman.

Just gotta find my own since you are taken.

Oops.. did I say that outloud?



Butterfly said...

Firstly, Aphron, I understand EXACTLY what you mean. My husband is also generally easier to live with when he is getting "serviced" regularly.

Secondly, as far as swallowing. If I am going to go to completion with a BJ, I will also swallow (Also didn't know I had options at first ;) ). I prefer doing some oral as foreplay though, so I don't complete on those occasions.

Personally, I have found a glass full of "Creme Soda" (dunno if you guys have it there) sorts the taste out in no time ;)