Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Survived these few days off. Sybil and I only had a couple of minor blow-ups. As always, it boiled down to me saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I won't bore with details. Except, I was in the wrong. I apologized; she accepted; and we moved on. She didn't feel the need to deliver an hour long lecture on what I "should" and "need" do to better myself.

Also, I had a birthday during my time off. I'm old enough to know better, yet young enough to do it. It was low key. Son #1 had baseball practice.

We didn't really do much this time off. Of course, I didn't get to do enough of my "selfish pursuits." It's not my fault Sybil doesn't want to join in. I'm supposed to sit back and act happy about spending an hour and a half looking at athletic shoes with her. Unfortunately, she'll never use them as they were intended. If I brought this up, I'm sure I would have another lecture on what I "should" and "need" do.

On a happy note, Sybil and I had some pretty decent sex. That seems to be the one area where we don't have too many blow-ups. Except for oral sex: she is too self-conscious and doesn't want me to start expecting it. I did get a BJ on my birthday. I guess it'll be next year before the next one. I think it is a control issue for her.

Speaking of sex, Sybil and I got onto the topic of whether I prefer oral sex or vaginal sex. I stated oral. From a purely physical sensation, oral sex is much better (especially if she swallows...another post on another day). If that makes me perverted, sue me. I explained that the mouth is much more versatile than a vagina. The sensations are much more mind-blowing than vaginal. Personally, my favorite position is 69 with the woman on top. I let her know that, and I wanted to try it again. She said we had, and she didn't like it. Of course, that was about 10 years ago. However, I do think vaginal intercourse produces an emotional connection that is stronger than oral. When I was dating, I wouldn't have vaginal intercourse with a woman unless we were pretty serious. I'm not sure why this comes as a surprise to her. I've been very consistent in this view. I guess it's her "hang-up." We all have them.

I hope everyone has a great Easter holiday. See ya!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

Desireous said...

Happy Birthday Hun! Big birthday hugs and kisses to you!


Anteros said...

Welcome back!

What is it with us men and BJs? There is something more to it than just the sensations I think. Probably a subject best covered in another post, but I think there is definately some sort of emotional high a man gets when their partner goes down on them.

Absolutely mind boggling...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, handsome!! So let's hear more about that swallowing thing. I think that'll be a great post.

April said...

Happy Birthday!

So Gone Over You said...

Happy Birthday!!!

See, I'm the opposite. I prefer vaginal to oral, and prefer giving to receiving oral. Before, I'd have vaginal before oral with a guy - to me, it was a bigger deal to put some guy's cock in my mouth than somewhere else. But, once I got past my hangups, and built some self-confidence with my oral skills, I love nothing more than to suck the cock of an appreciative man.


aphron said...

Well, truth be told, I don't swallow. Heh, heh. Anyway, I find it strange to hear about men that aren't into BJs. I'll never understand it.

so gone-
STAY BACK TEMPTRESS! Just kidding. Let's just say I appreciate a good session of oral sex.

Thanks for the B-day wishes. After 21 they mean less and less each year.

Daddy's Lil Girl said...

Happy Belated B-Day...I will never understand how a women doesn't like oral sex or swallowing its pleasureable for both people well I think it is....

Lori said...

I guess you need to come over here and bend over.....Birthday licks.....LOL...j/k

Men do love a BJ.....But most people men or women...have that ONE thing...they just love about sex!!!

Happy Birthday....have a great Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I think all men love a good BJ. (Even a not so good one, as long as there's no teeth. : ) I enjoy giving and receiving... but I don't enjoy 69 at all. Not sure what it is, but I'm with your wife on this one. (Although I still do it fairly frequently... I guess I don't mind taking one for the team!) : )