Saturday, April 08, 2006

My 100 Things About Me

Well, I'm going to take a break from Sybil bashing and post my 100 things about me. Things are going pretty good between us right now. I am working on communicating and confronting my issues with her. She is working on patience and understanding. Anyway, I wanted to get this in before our next blow-up. Without further ado:
  1. I am extremely likeable in person.
  2. I can talk to anyone about anything.
  3. I can be a great BSer, in terms of number 2.
  4. Although I am sociable, I like my solitude.
  5. I love the world, but I don't always like the people in it.
  6. My kids are my foundation.
  7. Sybil and I "had" to get married because she became pregnant after dating about 6 months.
  8. Although we've had our ups and downs, I'd say we've done very well considering number 7.
  9. All of my children were "surprises."
  10. I love being outside.
  11. My job keeps me inside.
  12. I am highly educated.
  13. Sometimes I'm not too bright.
  14. I have a pilot's license and an instrument rating.
  15. With a wife and 3 kids, I don't get to fly much.
  16. I wish I had listened to my father and joined the Army.
  17. I wanted to be in tanks and blow things up.
  18. I have a tattoo.
  19. It is my fraternity letters with crossed swords.
  20. I did it before tattoos were "cool."
  21. I worry about my past sins being visited upon my children (what goes around comes around).
  22. This might be way too introspective.
  23. My mother was a nut job until I moved out of the house.
  24. I don't see the correlation.
  25. I have communication issues.
  26. I fear rejection.
  27. I have self-esteem problems.
  28. Numbers 25, 26, and 27 make it hard to open up with Sybil.
  29. Don't laugh; you'll just encourage me.
  30. I love baseball much more now that my sons play it.
  31. I've always loved football ( both playing and watching).
  32. I kind of hope my sons don't play it.
  33. I have the habit of saying exactly the wrong thing.
  34. I love to make people laugh.
  35. I used to be laid back.
  36. I don't know what changed me.
  37. I'm trying to get back there.
  38. I learned in college that love doesn't conquer all.
  39. Indians can be racist.
  40. I used to love to drink.
  41. Not so much anymore.
  42. I love a good cigar.
  43. The public schools made sure to turn my children against my cigars.
  44. I never smoked in the house.
  45. I used to think of myself as perverted.
  46. Thanks to some blogs I've read (not on my roll BTW, LOL!), I no longer do.
  47. I believe pornography destroys.
  48. Man, as I get older I get much more conservative.
  49. I loath both political parties.
  50. I voted Libertarian in 2004.
  51. I'll probably do it again in 2008.
  52. I think the government is evil.
  53. I'm over half done.
  54. I'm fairly easy to please.
  55. I don't have high expectations.
  56. I work too much.
  57. I'm too much in debt not to.
  58. I fear poverty.
  59. I grew up poor (lower middle class).
  60. My mother and father smoked like chimneys, yet mom couldn't afford a winter coat.
  61. People have their priorities out of whack.
  62. After New Year's Eve I can only drink beer.
  63. Since getting out of college and earning an income, I can no longer drink cheap beer.
  64. Sybil is Chinese.
  65. Sometimes that creates friction because of different cultures, although she came to the US when she was six (legally, I might add).
  66. My kids are better athletes than I was.
  67. I'm wrapped around my daughter's finger.
  68. I'm not sure I'll get to 100.
  69. I don't have any regrets.
  70. I think people get divorced too soon.
  71. My family has communication issues.
  72. I don't get enough exercise.
  73. I wish I only needed five hours of sleep.
  74. I love Spring.
  75. My birthday is in the Spring.
  76. I tend to be cynical. That's why I have low expectations of people.
  77. I blog; therefore, I am.
  78. I'm always surprised someone comments on one of my posts.
  79. Sometimes I think this blog is too negative.
  80. I am a closet optimist.
  81. I wanted to be a marine biologist.
  82. I sunburn too easily.
  83. The only positive comment from my mother-in-law is that I have nice ears.
  84. I'll take what I can get.
  85. The good thing about my parents-in-law is that I can't understand most of what they say.
  86. I dream of backpacking the AT.
  87. With three kids, a lot of debt and a wife, it'll never happen.
  88. Ironically, I'm a man of leisure.
  89. Although it's near the bottom, I do love my wife.
  90. Sometimes I wish she'd go away.
  91. She can be a nag.
  92. As I get older, I can't lay in the bed for very long.
  93. That sucks.
  94. One good thing about blogging is the catharsis.
  95. It keeps me from getting much work done.
  96. I need to take more time off.
  97. I've never been to Disney World.
  98. I received my first blow job whilst my family was gone to Disney World. I was 16.
  99. I've loved them ever since.
  100. Finally, my last one.
There ya go. Have a good weekend. I'm on vacation next week (finally). I don't know how much I'll be blogging.


At 4/08/2006 01:53:00 PM, Blogger So Gone Over You said...

Great list.

Would love to hear more about #98. ;)

At 4/08/2006 09:56:00 PM, Blogger Daddy's Lil Girl said...

I enjoyed your list Ive yet to go to Disney World either have a great vacation

At 4/09/2006 03:43:00 PM, Blogger 'nilla said...

Sybil is Chinese.


color me racist but it all makes sense.

At 4/10/2006 07:43:00 PM, Blogger Lori said...

Great list!!!

It takes forever it seems to get too 100...But now I can think of tons of things to add to my list....LOL

18??....What is it of???

Have a great day!!!

At 4/11/2006 04:33:00 AM, Blogger aphron said...

so gone-
Let's just say it was an event I'll always remember. LOL!

daddy's lil girl-
Thanks, I'm not leaving town but trying to get caught up on stuff.

I'm not what the chinese thing means. I've always attributed her issues because of being "Type A".

I was in Kappa Alpha. It is a more Southern fraternity. I had a great time.

Thanks for the posts.

At 4/11/2006 01:15:00 PM, Blogger Shining Star said...

There was a time when I wanted to be a Marine Biologist too! Have a great vacation!!!!

At 3/17/2009 03:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colour me racist, but - 39 '...are' should have been the word. Small wonder though, 3 of my very good friends are infact indians!


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