Friday, July 22, 2005


Things have been terrific since my last post. It's almost scary. I don't know, when the shoe will fall, but I am enjoying it for now.

Square1 has a very nice post on how things seem to be going. She describes very well what happens during a fight. With Wife, it isn't about the issue at hand; instead, it becomes about the issue at hand and everything that has happened in the last year. Sqaure1 links to this article from

This neatly sums up my frustration. I seem to never be forgiven. Although Wife is normally very nice and extremely accommodating, during a fight it is no holds barred. She comes at me with fangs and claws. The statement she said in my earlier post, hopefully, was made out of anger. I hope she doesn't believe I am a complete failure.

The whole reason of starting this blog was to vent my frustrations. It has helped me tremendously. I have read other people's blogs and realized that we all have problems. Marriage is damned hard.

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