Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nothin' Much

I haven't written in a few days, because not much to talk about. Wife spoke with her OB/GYN. He is still recommending cryopexy; hopefully, that will take care of it. She is still wondering why it is happening to her. We'll probably never know.

On the home front things are going well. Although we have had some intense discussions due to business stuff, we've not had a big time fight. She has been fairly nice to me. We still have problems with communication. In that, she says something, and I think she is talking about something completely different. This, of course, irritates her. This communication thing is very hard for me. I still think it is the wrong time of the month for a big fight. If my calculations are correct, I have about 10 more days. After that, I'd better watch my P's and Q's.

I've added another blog to my roll: Dysfunction Junction. It is the tale of a woman with many challenges.


mz said...

Thanks Aphron...

Dewdrop said...

You plot her monthly cycles eh? It's a good idea, seriously.

aphron said...

Yeah, I'm going to use an Excel spreadsheet, LOL.

It is an idea I've mulling over: put into my calendar, when it is.

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