Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Those Damn Hormones!

I'll never fully grasp how hormones affect people (men taking estrogen for prostate problems go through the same thing). Wife's period is over. She has been very nice to me. It is almost disconcerting. How do I react? She even made a pass at me this morning. I, being the weak schmuck that I am, accepted. So, we ended up doing a quickie before I left for work. Today at lunch she was very attentive and pleasing.

Question: can hormones do that much to a person? Can a person go from being bitchy to sweet at, basically, the flip of a switch? Are hormones this powerful? If so, how do I combat the effects? Do I steer clear until the hurricane flags are taken down? Do I confront the raging storm? Is there any hope? Maybe, I need to mark my calender and try to be as quiet as a church mouse.

As you can see, everything is peachy. No, nothing has been resolved, but I never thought it would be. I guess the best I can hope for is status quo Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Well, just speaking for myself, whatever happens after sex... endorphins, adrenaline, phermones, whatever, I am just a nicer, more pleasant person afterwards. I'm sure everyone has a "glow" about them after sex, but besides what you can see, I actually FEEL better. I feel healthier, sexier, more connected to everything, not just my husband. And I usually don't even have orgasms.

Now, going from Mrs. Jeckyll to Dr. Hyde in a matter of a day or even hours (or God help us, minutes) is something I've been guilty of too. Not so much since I don't have periods anymore, but I've been there, done that. No advice, just mark that as a week to watch out! : )

Anonymous said...

YES! THEY CAN! And for me it's even worse now that I've had kids. As far as weathering the storm, hang up your sex drive and steer clear is my best advice. Let her come to you. My hormones drive me and my husband up the wall. I posted a while ago, that hubs really only gets ME for two weeks out of the month. The week before my period he gets mega-bitch, and during my period he gets weepy... the dwarf cowering in the corner... the bastardized sister of the seven dwarves... and she sucks. I feel like I get redusced to a whiny sniveling three year old that cries if someone sneezes while on my period.
Hormones are a tremendous force... sometimes the best thing to do is steer clear, and other times just weather it out with support and nderstanding.

Believe it or not it scares the hell out of us and confuses us even more than it does you as we go through it. We think ourselves nothing less than insane.

aphron said...

You have described our situation to the T. I get Wife for ~2 weeks. The week prior is the week from Hell. The week of is, just as you said, weepy. Afterwards, I am left dazed and confused. I've tried to broach the subject, but how do you ask without becomeing condescending? Also, she tends to get very defensive and in doing so, goes on the offense.

Like a lot of husbands, I'll probably learn to "batten down the hatches" for those weeks.

Sybil is that you?

Anonymous said...

Aphron there is a condition that some women have centered around their period... something like Menstrual Dyspophoric Syndrome or somthing like that. I am explorng the possibility with my therapist that that's what I'm going through. They do have mild medications that treat it.

A period is a volatile subject for a man to broach with a woman I think. Especially if we are already upset. I get upset with my husband because he seems to use it as an excuse to dismiss how I'm feeling instead of recognizing that most of the time there is a valid reason behind my emotion, but no logical explanation for the intensity of it. There's a difference. Arm yourself with information, and write a very non-threatening love letter to her with her best interest and your concern for her happiness being the theme of it. That's the best suggestion I have for you.